rFactor Epsilon Euskadi 1.2 Mod Readme

by EnduRacers Modding Team

After a one year long collaboration, EnduRacers and Epsilon Euskadi proudly presents to you the Epsilon Euskadi Mod for rFactor-ISI. Enjoy the best endurance racing experience ever seen, driving the first Spanish prototype ever build. Behind the steering wheel, like Ángel Burgueño and Miguel Ángel de Castro, you will feel the excitation of driving the P1 prototype powered by a 650HP Judd engine and a very advanced aero design.

With his very accurate 3D models made using the CAD Catia official models, realistic physics created using official P1 data and high quality sounds, the mod will give you the most realistic behaviour ever made for a prototype.
The mod doesn't modify original files of rFactor.

On their own words: Epsilon Euskadi


Epsilon Euskadi is a High Performance Motor Racing Technology Centre aiming to be a reference point for European motor racing:


Due to the great demand for qualified engineers in top competition, Epsilon Euskadi is running a Technical Specialisation Masters in Motor Racing Competition (M.E.T.C.A), in collaboration with the University of Mondragón. This is a unique post graduate course due to its characteristics and reference within Europe giving students the opportunity to carry out practical work on international circuits.

An exceptional opportunity for 24 newly graduated engineers or professionals who wish to orient their professional career towards top class competition in world of motor racing. The important qualification which they obtain also equips them to join the conventional automotive industry.

Training mechanics to be specialists in competition vehicles is also an area in which Epsilon participates in a special way, collaborating actively with different Professional Schools by giving training and practical experience to these future technicians.

As a consequence of all the afore mentioned activities, Epsilon Euskadi is ready to take on the design and production of parts and components for the international competition market. This capacity also lets us collaborate with the conventional automotive industry in research and experimentation on prototypes which can be applied in both industries.

The great objective for Epsilon Euskadi is to work on integral design and construction of competition prototypes in order to participate in international championships. Developing this technology will also give us credibility as a constructor for third parties in the important international prototype market. This activity is unique in our country, and it will be the first opportunity to be carried out.

As well as being a High Performance Centre, Epsilon Euskadi constitutes a human team which is currently made up of more than 70 highly qualified professionals.

Epsilon ee1 LMP1 sports prototype: General Concepts

The following concepts represent the basic philosophy for endurance racing car design, which the Epsilon Euskadi Technical Department has followed in the conception of the ee1 LMP1 design.

This is a customer LMP sports car, designed for maximum performance, ease of use and maintenance, maximum reliability. The number of parts has been kept to a minimum by making use of multifunction or adjustable components. When designing components, careful consideration has been made into the method of manufacture, materials and design to reduce the overall weight of the car. All components have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality using companies with a proven track record in motor sport or the aerospace industry. The chassis ergonomics have been laid out to accept the tallest drivers while sufficient adjustment designed in to pedals and steering to compensate for smaller drivers. The survival cell dimension is 1830mm. This is the dimension from the front of the monocoque to the rear of the cockpit opening.

The ee1-LMP1 is very stiff. All stiffness criteria have been met in full. The target wheel-to-wheel stiffness was 6,500 Nm/degree and the monocoque 40,000 Nm/degree.

Attention has been paid to keep the centre of gravity low. To do this the car has been designed as light as possible so that up to 80Kg of ballast can be carried under the chassis. This will provide a change in weight distribution of ±4% and to maintain the 900Kg min weight of car without driver. The car design will take into account being run has a LMP2 with a min weight of 825Kg without driver. The ee1-LMP1 has been design with a push rod suspension system front and rear with attention being paid to the low position of the spring damper unit layout, to take advantage of the increase in mechanical grip resulting from the lower centre of gravity.

The wind tunnel is being used to simulate the aerodynamic requirements of the car on different types of track. The base line for the development of the EE-LMP1 has been modelled around the current Le Mans Prototype rules. The necessary changes will be incorporated in the design to achieve the simulation targets. The testing is being conducted at the Aerolab wind tunnels in Italy, with a 40% model of the car. A comprehensive CFD program is being run in parallel to the wind tunnel testing.

A mock-up has been constructed in parallel to the design.

This car is a “state of the art" customer car created through good design, attention to detail and sound engineering principles.

Content of patch (version 1.2)

Content (version 1.0)

EnduRacers Modding Team

Gentlemen-Racers.org Physics Team and credits

Information: The Private cars and helmets are to be used only by their respective simracers owner, please respect this.


Special thanks for their help and collaboration to :


Install in your main rFactor folder

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Hardware/Software configuration recommendations

Traction Control recommendations:

In this mod, like in real, the car have traction control (TC). You can use it as you want in selecting your prefered level by pressing F8 (default) key.

There is 4 level in rFactor, so, you can drive without TC (Off), With Low TC, Medium TC and High TC. We recomment to drive with TC at Low of Medium.

On track with low wings, the TC is recommended, on track with high speed turns, the TC is not mandatory. In real the pilots adapt the TC in live.

On your online server, you must authorize this help at level 3.

Boost mapping usage recommendations:

You can adjust boost (more power/torque in live) by configuring Increment boost and Decrement boost :

Default value without wear the engine is position 2, if you increase to 3, your consumption and engine heat is increased in the same way you increase your power and torque, more you increase more you wear the engine.

Steering wheel upgrades description:

You can adjust the force of the assisted steering wheel by using these upgrade levels:

Tires, tank capacity and mirrors:

Soft tires and Medium tires have about 40 minutes of wear for the Soft and 1 hour of wear for the Medium.

The 90 liters tank capacity allows to drive about 1 hour with Boostmapping at postion 2.

The left and right mirrors on the real car are not usable. The pilots don't see them when they are behind the wheel. The external mirrors are only on the car to be compliant with the championship regulation.
That's why the pilots have an internal mirror screen to see what there is behind them. They have difficulties to see on the sides of the car.

rFactor lighting parameters for night race recommendations:

In your PLR (find it in UserData\MyProfile\MyProfile.plr) change the following lines to get the best, render on/in car with a maximum of FPS and realism.

Max Headlights="2" // Max headlights visible relative to your car.
Headlights On Cars="1" // Headlights illuminate other cars.

rFactor sounds parameters :

1) rFactor FFB options for Logitech wheels (inverse efforts for other manufacturers) (you could adjust between -72% and -100% for more force or use upgrade in the mod, depends on pilots and wheels):

2) rFactor rates :

3) FFB Parameters

controler.ini ForceFeedback section values recomended for Logitech Driving Force Pro Wheels :
ForceFeedback section for DFP

Logitech panel configuration for DFP :

controler.ini ForceFeedback section values recomended for Logitech G25 Wheels :
ForceFeedback section for G25

Logitech panel configuration for G25 :

Disclaimer / Protection licences:


The 2007 car

The 2008 car