Endurance Series | New platform statement

Date : 12 September 2014

EnduRacers is happy to announce you today the following statements. Since our last release called Endurance Series SP2.1, the team has build brand new cars for the mod.

Thoose cars are going to be released on the platform rFactor1 under the name "Endurance Series SP3". The Endurance Series mod will be then ported on the platform rFactor2. It will include cars from the rFactor1 version and 2 more cars.

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Endurance Series | Maserati MC12 GT1 Added

Date : 15 Aujust 2014

EnduRacers today confirms that the Maserati MC12 joins the grid of the Endurance Series mod. The car is under development and will be released together with the other cars unveiled since the SP2.1 release, in packages and platforms yet to be announced.

During his career started in 2004 the MC12 has been one of the fastest if not the fastest car of the GT1 category. First introduced by the official Maserati Corse team, and then by powerfull teams like Vitaphone, JMB Racing or Sarafree. In addition the car raced in the American Le Mans Series championship in 2005 and 2007. All these teams and aerodynamic configurations have been reproduced for the mod.

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Endurance Series | Lola Coupe LMP2 Unveiled

Date : 06 April 2014

EnduRacers unveils a new addition to the Endurance Series mod future releases, as the Lola Coupe LMP2 enters the grid.

The LMP2 weapon of choice was introduced in 2008, and has been since then one of the fastest LMP2 car and a car used by several different teams, with a lot of different engines. We have developped all the specifications from 2008 to 2011, and all existing engines. The car is developped with a very detailled cockpit for a perfect immersion.

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Endurance Series | Oreca 01 and Oreca 03 Unveiled

Date : 27 January 2014

EnduRacers is pleased to confirm you that two new cars have been developped for the Endurance Series mod : the Oreca 01 LMP1 and the Oreca 03 LMP2. No release date and/or platform can be announced yet.

The Oreca 03 has been developped within recent collaborations with RS Simulations and Signatech Alpine racing team. The car has been developped first in the 2012 and 2013 specifications, both Nissan and Judd BMW engines. We have later on developped the 2011 specification, without skarkfin and holes.

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Endurance Series | Zytek 07s/09s Unveiled

Date : 04 October 2013

The team is happy is confirm you a new entry to the Endurance Series mod. Indeed, we've developped the Zytek's, wich are aiming to replace the 06s in the future of the mod. We have worked on the Zytek 07s and 07s-2, and on the Ginetta Zytek 09s, covering the specitifcations from 2007 to 2011. Of course, the car is available in both LMP1 and LMP2 versions, with all real skins seen on the different racing series.

We are offering you in addition some new screenshots of the Lola Aston-Martin LMP1, with teams Muskle Milk and Signature Plus. Stay tuned for more news about new cars development for our Endurance Series mod.

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